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Download the Panopto Recorder

Downloading the Panopto Recorder allows the users to download the recorder software to create videos from their destop. The recorder can be used to upload created videos immediately, or videos can be created "off-line" and uploaded at a later date. This can be beneficial for those that may have low bandwidth/unstable connection, or who need to create videos during times when internet access is limited, such as during travel.

1- Log into Wichita.Hosted.Panopto.Com

To download the Panopto recorder, start by opening a new browser tab. Navigate to Make sure the dropdown menu has “Blackboard” selected and then click the sign-in button. Sign Into Panopto with Blackboard

using your Blackboard credentials.

Sign into Panopto with Blackboard credentials

2- Download the Panopto Recorder File

On the right side of the ribbon, at the top of your screen, is a “Download Panopto” button, click it.

Download button in Panopto

Panopto will automatically recognize your system and provide you with the proper download file option.

Panopto Download window (PC)

Download Panopto (Mac)

3- Install the file

Next, go to your downloads area and double click on or run the .exe file.

Download file

Click “Install” and follow the installer guide. Please note, in order to make changes and install on your computer, you will need admin privileges. If you do not have admin privileges, please contact IT.

Install on Mac

A Panopto Recorder shortcut icon should appear on your desktop.

Panopto Recorder icon