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Exporting Your Panopto Video File

Panopto video files can be downloaded to your computer for upload into other video hosting websites, such as YouTube, or for access without internet.

Step 1--Accessing Your Panopto Video

Open an internet browser and log into

Next, locate your video in the folder where it is housed, and hover over the video to display additional options.

Select the Settings button from the options provided, and the video's settings menu will open.

Red arrow points at the Settings option for the Panopto video

Step 2--Downloading the Video File

Choose the Outputs tab from the left side of the window.

Arrow points to the Output tab in the Panopto Video setting

Locate the Video Podcast section of the Outputs screen.

To the direct right of the video's thumbnail window are options to View Podcast and Download Podcast.

Red square outlines the Outputs tab and a red arrow points at the option for download podcast in Panopto video settings

Choose the Download Podcast link and additional saving options will appear.

Choose the Save File option from the window and select OK to finish downloading and saving the file to your computer.

Red squares outline the options to save the file to the local computer and the ok button on the Download and Save window

Once the file has been saved, you will be able to move the file to the folder of your choosing on your device and upload the file to other video hosting sites as desired.

If you want to move the file to YouTube and need further training, please visit the Uploading a Video and Caption File to YouTube training page.