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Panopto Video Settings

There are a variety of features available in your Panopto video's settings. From basics like the video name and folder location, to availability, sharing, captions, and more.

To get started, locate your video in it's Panopto folder and click on the Settings button to open the Setting's window.

Red arrow points at the settings button used to open the Panopto video's setting window

Overview Tab

Let's review the video's Overview tab.

Red arrow points at the highlighted Overview tab in Panopto's video settings window

In the Overview section, users can change the name and folder location of the video by using the edit features.

Red box surrounds the Session Information name and folder area in the Panopto Overview tab in video settings

You can also view and change the video preview image/thumbnail, obtain the video's shareable link, review the video author and videographer, check the video's date of creation and it's duration, determine if the video was created during a webcast--or Live--session, indicate whether or not viewers are allowed to make comments on the video, and change who has access to download the video file.

General overview of settings available in the Panopto video setting's overview tab

Share Tab

Panopto defaults your videos settings to ensure that your videos are as private and protected as possible. This means that your videos are not automatically open and available to all users to view. While videos created or placed in course-specific folders are easily shareable to users in that course through a process called Configuration, if you wish to share your videos to others outside of the course or via the video's link, you will need to make adjustments in the settings in order to more openly share your work.

Open the video's Share tab and use the options provided to make adjustments to your video's access settings.

Red arrow points at the highlighted Share tab in Panopto's video settings windowBe sure to save any changes you've made and then you can share your video using the link or embed code provided at the top of the window.

Panopto video's share tab overview

Need more training on sharing a video in your course, navigate to the Panopto training on Sharing Your Video in Blackboard.

Outputs Tab

The outputs tab provides a way to view the video output formats, change the way videos display to users, and download the audio and video files of your session.

Use the Outputs tab on the left side of your video's Settings window to review the options provided.

Red arrow points at the highlighted Outputs tab in Panopto's video settings windowA fairly common error that is experienced with some videos is the absence of the video or PowerPoint display to users, though the audio is operating normally. This is often an error that can remedied by making a small adjustment in the Outputs tab of your video settings.

Under the Video Podcast, select the Type dropdown menu and change to one of the other formats. You may need to try different options from the menu before you find the right one for your session. 

Arrow points at the video podcast "type" dropdown in the outputs tab on the video settingsAs you change the Type option, you should notice that the preview thumbnail image is also changing. Once the preview image matches what you want users to see, save your changes and the error should be corrected.

Quiz Results Tab

If you have added a quiz to the video, the Quiz Results tab will provide you a variety of ways to review the results by quiz, user, and individual question. For more information and training on this tab, please visit the Panopto Quiz Results training page.

Red arrow points at the highlighted Quiz Results tab in Panopto's video settings windowStreams Tab

This tab allows the video creator to review what "streams" or content sources are used in the video session.

Red arrow points at the highlighted Streams tab in Panopto's video settings windowTypically, this tab is only used by creators to upload or "attach" PDF documents to the video presentation for viewers to access.

Panopto video settings' "Stream" tab highlighting the PDF upload featureCaptions Tab

Red arrow points at the highlighted Captions tab in Panopto's video settings windowThe video Captions tab allows the video creator to identify what captions are available for the video session, view the status of requested or uploaded captions, order captions through the Cielo24 professional captioning service, and upload or download caption files as needed.

Captions tab in Panopto video settings displays available captions informationFor training on how to request Cielo24 professional captions for your Panopto videos, please review the Requesting Session Captions page.

If captions are uploaded or requested for a video session and an error occurs, please try again in a couple hours. If the error persists, please contact

Clips and Search Tab

These tabs are part of the active video features, indicating where the video may be referenced as a clip in other videos and providing a status indicators about the Smart Search and Search Index features. It is very rare that these tabs will need to be changed or altered by the video's creator. Before making any adjustments in these areas, please contact your WSU Panopto Admin or the OIR team.

Manage, and Log Tabs

These tabs are typically used only by Panopto Admins to help resolve errors or issues that arise with videos. These tabs should not be used without additional training or without consulting your WSU Panopto Admin or OIR team first.