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Uploading Video and Captions to YouTube

Step 1--Uploading the Video to YouTube

Open a browser tab and go to YouTube.

Log in with your Google account or register if you do not have an account already.

From the main YouTube page, use the Create button to display additional options.

Image depicting the Create button in the upper right corner of the YouTube homepage, used to upload pre-existing video files.

Choose the Upload Video option from the choices provided.

When the upload window opens, you can choose to drag and drop a video file from it's folder on your computer, or you can choose the Select Files button to open a window explorer and locate and choose the file from there.

Image of the Select Files window when uploading a video to YouTube

Once you have selected the file, the video will automatically begin to upload.

Step 2--Uploading Your Caption File to the Video

As the video is uploading, you will be given a number of settings to review and adjust to fit your video.

In the Details stage, provide a name and description for the video, and then scroll down the page, filling out the information as needed.

Image of the "stages" encountered in YouTube when uploading a video. Information in the Details section will provide options for adding a captions file.

When you reach the option for "Show More," click the link to display additional settings.

Image of the "Show More" link in the YouTube Details page when uploading a video.

Scroll through the additional options until you reach the section on "Language, subtitles, and closed captions".

Image of the Language, Subtitles, and CC section of the YouTube video upload process

Select the language in which your captions will be uploaded to access the option to upload the file.

Red arrow points at the greyed out Upload Subtitles/CC link in the YouTube Video Upload processOnce you have set your language, choose the "Upload Subtitles/CC" link.

Red arrow points at the Upload Subtitles/CC link in order to attach a captions file

YouTube will open another small window, where you will need to indicate whether the captions file you are uploading has timestamps or is being uploaded without timestamps. When finished making your selection, click Continue.

Image depicting YouTube's caption uploading window that provides the user with an option to indicate whether the captions file is uploaded with or without times.

Next, you will be prompted to select the captions file from your computer. Once you select the file and it will indicate it has been added to the video for attachment when upload is completed.

Image depicting that the captions file is attached and will be included in the video when finished uploading

Continue adjusting and editing the settings for your video as desired.

For further training on how to upload a captions file or video to YouTube, please contact OIR.