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Editing Your Panopto Video

Since the Panopto Editing tool is considered fairly robust, this training is going to focus on the basics of editing video slides. Information on generating and editing captions can be found on the Adding Captions to Panopto training page.

Navigating to the Editor

You have two ways of getting to the editor in Panopto. Either by selecting the edit link to the right of your video;

From a PC:

Panopto Edit option for PC

From a Mac:

Panopto Edit option Mac

Or navigating to, logging in, and using the video options.

Panopto Edit on server

Editing Slide TimeStamps

Did you accidentally forget to click the next slide or click to the next slide too quickly while recording? No problem. If that’s the case, on the left-side menu, select the “slides” button.Panopto Editing slides tab

Mouse to the right of the slide you wish to edit and select the more icon, which looks like three vertical dots. Select “edit.”Panopto Editing: Edit the slides

In the time box, you can now edit the hour, minute, second, and fractional second the slide should appear.

Panopto editing: edit slide timestamp

From this window, you can also edit the title and keyword search information if needed. When finished, select Save.

Adding or Replacing Slides

If you need to replace a slide, first delete the old slide.Panopto editing: delete slide

Then, locate the round plus-sign button to the left of “Add a presentation” and select the slide or presentation you wish to add. If you only want one slide from your presentation added, you will need to save that slide as a separate presentation of one slide within PowerPoint. Panopto editing: add slides

Your slide or presentation will be added at the bottom of your slide deck. Edit the new slide’s timestamp to place it the appropriate location.