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Configuring for Panopto

Before you can download or record using Panopto, you must first configure your Blackboard course. This is a critical step in getting started since it prepares and equips your course to integrate with Panopto. Configuring will do four key things: grant you creator rights to download panopto and create videos, create a course folder for your specific course, grant video-viewing permission to your course, and allow for student videos. It is important to note that each course, every semester, that you want incorporated with Panopto, will have to be configured.

1- Start the Configure Process

Login to Blackboard and select the course you wish to provision.

In the course menu, which resides on the left-side of your screen, find the “Tools” link and click on it. This will open the “Tools” page.

Use the Blackboard Tools button to configure panopto

Locate the Panopto icon, and click on the corresponding title “Panopto Content.”

Panopto Content Button

You should now see a “Configure” button. Click on it.

Panopto Configure ButtonNote: If you have a Re-Configure button instead of a Configure button, you have provisioned for Panopto in this course before, and will need to use the Reconfigure training.

2- Creating the Panopto Course Folder

In the “Configure Panopto Course” screen, reference number 1, is a dropdown menu has been selected for you and greyed. The address listed in the greyed out dropdown is the web address for our WSU panopto server, which is important to remember for the future when you need to edit videos or folders.

Click on “Add Course to Panopto,” reference number 2. Please note that you will not see the reference numbers on your configure page.

Add a Panopto Course Folder

3- Panopto Configure Results Page

The “Configure Panopto Connector” page should appear, showing your provisioning results. Under result, it should say “Successfully provisioned course….” and the name of your course.

Click on “Return to Course.”

Panopto configure results4- Panopto Video Button Added

In your course, there should now be a “Panopto Video” button located in the course menu.

If you already had a Panopto Video button, you may have rolled over content from a course that had previously used Panopto or your course may already be provisioned.

Panopto Video button on course menu

If you do not see the Panopto Video button in your course menu, you may need to exit the course and log back in or refresh your page.