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Bill's Trip Course and Model

As part of a January Pre-Session course, students will enroll in HNRS398J: Learning Through Serving as either a 1 credit or 3 credit travel seminar. This course engages in Academic Service-Learning and builds on the National Collegiate Honors Council Partners in the Park best practice. Prior to travel, students will explore a variety of resources and artifacts focused on the NPS, a National Park Service Unit, stewardship and connection to nature, and servant leadership (Academic Material, See Graphic Below). Students will also volunteer in partnership with a selected National Park (Relevant Service, See Graphic Below). Finally, students will reflect throughout the entirety of the experience through various methods of personal and group reflection activities

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Travel Experience
  • Students and Faculty will travel during Saturday, January 6 - Saturday, January 13, 2024. Travel will require shuttle buses to and from Grand Canyon National Park. 
  • Lodging will be provided. Students and faculty will stay in cabins/ motel within Grand Canyon National Park. All housing will be temperature controlled and linens will be provided. 
  • A detailed packing list will be provided for students prior to end of the fall semester.
Course Meeting Times
  • Pre-travel group meetings will be communicated with students. (December 2023).
  • On-Trip Travel (January 6 - January 13, 2024).
  • Post-travel expectations will be communicated with students (January 2024).
  • As a travel seminar, the vast majority of “class meetings” occur during the on-trip experience.

Students will be responsible for the cost of tuition for the HNRS398J: Learning Through Serving (1 or 3 credit hours). Cost associated with travel (transportation, lodging, and meals) are covered by a gift in honor of Bill Cohen. Students are responsible for any discretionary spending (i.e. souvenirs, snacks, etc.) during our trip.