The Honors Houses

What does more meaningful work mean to you?

Each house embodies one of the four pursuits described in the Cohen Honors College Charter, and each house's mascot honors an animal that has been designated as endangered. Students can earn points for their houses at various college events, and a "house cup" will be awarded for the most points at the end of the year.

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House Novus

Members of House Novus find more meaningful work in solving problems. They identify with the Honors pursuit of cultivating an Innovative ethic. Their mascot is the Mantella and their house color is gold. Their attributes include:

  • A creative approach to solving problems.
  • A capacity for identifying unaddressed challenges and needs.
  • A willingness to accept risk and ambiguity in proposing solutions.
  • A facility with borrowing from several disciplines and identifying connections between them to find interdisciplinary solutions.


House Profere

Members of House Profere find more meaningful work in personal development. They identify with the Honors pursuit of cultivating a Professional ethic. Their mascot is the Axolotl and their house color is red. Their attributes include:

  • A passionate pursuit of long-term goals.
  • A high degree of personal integrity and ethical conduct.
  • A value of respectful, productive working relationships.
  • A sense of common purpose and meaning.


House Sapientia

Members of House Sapientia find more meaningful work in the pursuit of knowledge. They identify with the Honors pursuit of cultivating an Intellectual ethic. Their mascot is Spix's Macaw and their House Color is light blue. Their atributes include:

  • A contribution to knowledge in one's chosen discipline.
  • A value of an interest in the knowledge in other disciplines.
  • A mastery of cognitive, transferable, and practical skills.
  • A commitment to curiosity and lifelong learning.


House Verto

Members of House Verto find more meaningful work in impacting others. They identify with the Honors pursuit of cultivating a Transformational ethic. Their mascot is the Pangolin and their house color is light green. Their attributes include:

  • An urge to make a positive impact on the community and in the world.
  • An open-minded embrace of diversity in backgrounds, values, and perspectives.
  • A marriage of deliberation and decision in taking action.
  • An understanding of the importance of inspiring others.