Cohen Honors Student Council


Student Council Mission

As an Honors Student, you have a voice in the governance of the Honors College in the form of the Honors Student Council. The Student Council seeks to use its constitutional influence to improve the student experience, and represent student interests. According to the bylaws of the Honors College, the Student Council is one half of the College's governing body, the University Honors Council. The other half is comprised of the Honors Faculty Council. The University Honors Council as a whole advises the Dean. 

Your Student Council is committed to amplifying the student perspective in college governance, and finding innovative ways to make being an Honors Student that much better. 

Check out the sidebar entitled "What the Student Council Does for Students" to learn more about how the Student Council works for you. 

We Want to Hear from You

Every Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., stop by the SGA offices in RSC to talk with Honors Senator Jacob Tubach. No question is too small. 

Student Council Members


Abbi Jurgensmeier

Position: Chair

Major: Honors Baccalaureate

Abby works at a biochemistry lab on campus, as well as in the Honors College. Her involvement at WSU includes WHEAT, St. Paul Catholic Student Center, and Honors Ambassadors. In her free time, Abby bullet journals and plays games with friends.

"Meaningful work means something with a clear purpose."



Noor Farhoud

Position: Vice-Chair for Student Retention

Major: Biological Sciences  Minor: Chemistry, Pre-medicine track

Outside of the Honors Student Council, Noor serves as Executive Vice President for the Pre-medicine Student Association and as a Co-President for the American Red Cross Club. She enjoys spending her free time with friends and family. 

"You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal." ~Chester Carlson



Lucy Cook

Position: Director of Outreach

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Minors: Spanish, ASL, and Emory Lindquist.

Lucy is currently pursuing a CSD major with the goal of becoming a speech-language pathologist. She works at Rainbows United as a paraeducator and is currently working on interdisciplinary research in the CSD department and the department of performance studies. In her free time, Lucy enjoyrs playing board games, reading, and meeting new people. 

"More meaningful work means actively pursuing professional, societal, and personal growth."



Saylis Sengvilay

Position: Director of Diversity Initiatives 

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Minor: Psychology, Emory Lindquist. 

Born and raised in the ICT, Saylis is excited to continue her work towards benefitting the Wichita State and Wichita communities. She is involved in Student Ambassador Society, the Wichita State Student Speech-Hearing-Language Association, the Thai-Lao-Cambodia club, and the Green Group on campus. In her free time, she likes to bask in the glory of her bearded dragon Shenron, garden, spend time with family, and watch anime. 

"Meaningful work means identifying an area of improvement in a system and using my knowledge and experience to not only work for a solution, but also to motivate, understand, and educate others along the way. " 




Elizabeth Nguyen

Position: Co-Director of Marketing and Events

Major: Biomedical Engineering   Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Track

Elizabeth is involved with the Honors Council and International Buddy Program. She is also an ACE Engineering Mentor. During her free time, Elizabeth loves to explore local coffee shops, listen to podcasts, and spend time with her dogs. 

"Meaningful work to me means using the knowledge and experience I've gained to better my education, work, and community." 




Jeromiah Taylor

Position: Co-Director of Marketing and Events

Major: Integrated Marketing Communication

Minor: Emory Lindquist, Religion

Jeromiah is excited to begin his tenure as an Honors Student Council member during such a pivotal moment of change in the Honors College.  Jeromiah serves as an Honors Ambassador, and is the Assistant for Communications and Social Media in the Honors College office. Before these posts, Jeromiah was an officer for the Shocker Hall Activites Council, and a member of the Honors LLC. Outside of the University, Jeromiah has served in marketing roles as an intern at the Museum of World Treasures, and as a member of the Stewardship Committee at St. James Episcopal Church. Academically, Jeromiah works across the humanities in communications, the social sciences, and religious studies reveling in the intersections of theory and experience. In his spare time, Jeromiah cooks, reads, attends to the ceaseless needs of two very imperious feline companions, and collects vinyl. 

"Any work that aids a worthy mission is meaningful. Work should be in the pursuit of a better world."





Analisa Bridge

Position: Director of Records

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Chemistry

Analisa is involved in WHEAT, Navigators, and the Honors Student Council. She enjoys listening to music and golf for fun.

"More meaningful work is doing something to make a difference now and also taking what is learned to make a difference in the future."



Siubhan Mora-Bruce

Position: Treasurer 

Major: LAS Undecided

"Meaningful work is done when  you put all of your effort into it, have fun, and help others, even if you don't know where it might lead."




Abby Sheahan

Position: Director of Recruitment

Major: Human Resources Management and Marketing   Minor: Spanish, management, Emory Lindquist

Abby is involved with the Honors Council, Honors Ambassadors, Student Alumni Board, and Christian Challenge. During her free time she likes to bake, read, and spend time with friends. 

"Meaningful work is about having real-life and worldly application."



Tabatha Polk

Position: President of WHEAT

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Tabatha is involved in WHEAT, Golden Key International Honor Society, Biomedical Engineering Society, and Society of Women Engineers. Tabatha is a diligent worker, and strives to help others. 

"More meaningful work means taking an interdisciplinary approach and applying what I've learned at a deeper level for the purpose of becoming a better version of myself."





Lucas Webb 

Position: Honors SGA Senator

Major: Aerospace Engineering  Minor: Mathematics, Physics

Lucas is involved with the Honors Council and Student Government. He is a mentor for the ACE Engineering Program. During his free time, Lucas likes to watch Modern Family, the Big Bang Theory, and Parks and Recreation. 

"Meaningful work to me is work that makes you fell like you've impacted somebody's world in a progressive way."




Jacob Tubach

Position: Honors SGA Senator

Major: Psychology  Minor: Criminal Justice

Jacob is the founder of the Freshmen Advisory Board. He served on the Shock the Future Steering Committee. Jacob is a resident in the Honors LLC. He also works for the Office of the President in Morrison Hall. In his free time, Jacob likes to play basketball, attend games, hang out with friends, and watch movies. 

"More meaningful work gets us, as students, prepared for the world after college, not just with our careers, but in our everyday lives as well."




 Linda Harl

Position: LLC R.A

Major: Aerospace Engineering  Minor: Emory Lindquist, Mathematics

"Meaningful work is work that makes a difference, whether for yourself or others. Meaningful work is not compassionless or judgmental, the action of it genuinely affects the lives of those around you."