Documents and Reports

Archived documents from 2016-17

Link discussing concept of Universal Design for courses (posted 5.19.17)

Suggested language for syllabus concerning concealed carry (optional) (approved by David Moses 5.9.17)

First Year Experience handbook (posted 8.3.17)

New Student Fee Structure Q and A (post 8.9.17)

Graduate School Proposed By-Law changes (red-lined version) - for e-vote in Sept.

Documents related to Accessibility issues
Chronicle Vitae article by David Gooblar (Aug 8, 2017)

Proposal for Degree in Homeland Security (pending review by Academic Affairs)

Accelerated Degree Programs (Hanover consulting report) (posted 8.24.17)

Revisions to Policy Manual Chapters 4 and 5 (posted 8.28.17)
Summary of policy changes / renumbering index (posted 8.28.17)
Investigative Leave
Internal Dispute Resolution
Separation of Employment

Revised Graduate Faculty Proposal (overview) (as presented by Dean Livesay 5/8/17)

Military Leave Authorization Form (posted 9.14.17)

Freedom of Speech on Campus (from Assoc of Boards of Colleges and Universities) (posted 9.17.17)

KBOR 120 hour degree requirement (posted 9.22.17)
Graduation hours by Degree at WSU (excel spreadsheet)
Note regarding graduation hours spread sheet

Memo re: Institute for the Study of Economic Growth (posted 10.4.17)

Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (shared with entire faculty 9.25.17)

LatinX cluster hire (shared with Senate 10.9.17)

Upcoming ODI events (shared with Senate 10.9.17)
LGBTQ Open House
Building a Better Community

Revised FAR form from Faculty Affairs committee (shared with Senate 10.23.17)

SEM presentation slide show (shared with Senate 10.23.17)

GEM presentation slide show (shared with Senate 10.23.17)

Summary Overview of Non-Tenure Track Promotion Policy (includes implementation details) (presented 11.13.17)
FAQs regarding Non-Tenure Track Promotion Policy (11.13.17)
Full Text of Non-Tenure Track Promotion Policy (11.13.17)

Revised FAR form (11.13.17)

Revised Coaching and Corrective Action (11.13.17)

Investigative leave - Policy and Memo (11.13.17)

Directions to sign up for text alerts for game day parking (posted 11.9.17)

Contact info for Kansas Health Commission regarding quality of health care plans / process:

Mid Year Committee Reports (presented 11.27.17)

Faculty Compensation Committee Report (11.27.17)

Draft of Academic Honesty revisions (process diagram) (11.27.17)

Office for Student Success (12.11.17)

Info on Instructional Design and Access (IDA) office (12.11.17)

Strategic Planning Update (presented by Cindy Claycomb 1.22.18)
Survey results from Fall Poster session

Fairmount Neighborhood survey research (presented by Mark Glaser 1.22.18)

One Stop Update (presented by Lisa Hansen 2.12.18)

WSU Foundation Annual Report (presented by Elizabeth King 2.12.18)

Career Development for Faculty (presented to KBOR 2/14; Senate 2/26 by Rick Muma)
Additional data

Building updates on Innovation campus (shared 2.26.18)
Newest map (2.26.18)

Proposed revision to tenure and promotion process
Existing T/P policy

KBOR resolution on state funding (posted 3.26.18)

Supporting documents for First Year Seminar proposal. (posted 4.2.18)

SEAS report on students flagged 'at risk' in their courses (posted 4.2.18)

4.15 Tenure and Promotion policy (OLD)
4.15 Tenure and Promotion policy (PROPOSED)

President's Budget Advisory Council - update report (4.23.18)

Kansas Legislative Updates (4.26.18)

Changes in Qualified admissions (from KBOR committee) (4.23.18)

Proposed initiative for a President's Innovation Adivsory Council (5.7.18)

Annual committee reports (5.7.18)