Serving on a search committee should be an honor, never a surprise.

It is always a best practice to ask permission of anyone you want to include on a search committee before actually adding them. PeopleAdmin notifies the search chair(s), search committee member(s) and guest user(s) of their search responsibilities via email as soon as the job is posted.

The Hiring Manager is the party responsible for hiring the new or vacant position. It can be the Dean, Budget Officer or a divisional representative. The Hiring Manager can also be the same person as the Search Chair. The hiring decision will rest with this individual. The Hiring Manager will work with the Search Chair to coordinate a search for an optimum and timely outcome. The amount of latitude given to the Search Chair for conducting the search will be determined by the Hiring Manager.

Because of system security, Guest Users cannot act as a Search Chair.

All instructions are based on general procedures. College/Department or Divisional direction should be followed when instructions differ.


Who to contact:

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