Serving on a search committee should be an honor, never a surprise.

It is always a best practice to ask permission of anyone you want to include on a search committee before actually adding them. PeopleAdmin notifies the search chair(s), search committee member(s) and guest user(s) of their search responsibilities via email as soon as the job is posted.

Any search committee member who is unable to participate in evaluating all applicants within a phase in the search process will have to recuse themselves from all input on that phase.

The Search Chair is the captain of the Search Committee. He or she will work closely with the Hiring Manager to conduct the search for an optimum outcome. The Search Chair and the Hiring Manager may also be the same person. The Search Chair and Search Committee are designated when the request to fill (RTF) is composed by the PeopleAdmin Admin or Admin G.

There must be at least one Search Chair, but there can be more than one. You can have Co-Search Chairs or an Admin or Admin G can be designated as a Search Chair for administrative purposes if desired. When a position is posted to begin accepting applicants, the Search Chair and Search Committee Members are notified via email automatically with information about the search, instructions and a link to log into PeopleAdmin to access their search.

Search Chairs or Search Committee Members can be substituted, added or removed from the committee only by HR when the position is posted. An HR Recruiter Contact and extension is provided on each position posting.

The Search Chair is the only member of the Search Committee who can change the status of applicants in PeopleAdmin as they move through the search process. Once candidates are selected for an interview, the status of the candidate should be changed in PeopleAdmin to "Interview."

Human Resources will disqualify all candidates not selected at the end of the hiring process. Emails are sent to disqualified candidates at the end of the search when HR marks the position as filled, not as they are disqualified. This allows a first choice candidate to decline an offer and the second choice candidate to accept without knowing they were the number two choice.

The Search Chair is responsible for:

  • Completing the search in a compliant manner.
  • Completing all hiring process documentation and saving search file documentation in case of a legal challenge or federal audit.
  • Retaining search files for three (3) years.
  • Coordinating with the Hiring Manager concerning the evaluation of candidates
  • Arranging interviews with the candidates and the Search Committee
  • Obtaining signed applications from each candidate interviewed
  • Securing candidate signatures on all interviewed candidates Background Release forms
  • Changing candidate statuses in PeopleAdmin to match the status on the search file documentation.

Optional Search Chair responsibilities as determined by the Hiring Manager:

  • Extending the contingent email, letter or verbal offer
  • Extending final offer letter or email

Because of system security, Guest Users cannot act as a Search Chair.

These instructions apply to USS and UP searches.
For information on Faculty searches, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.


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