In recognition of the sacrifices made by those serving in the Armed Forces, Congress enacted laws to prevent Veterans seeking Federal employment from being penalized because of time spent in military service. By law, Veterans who are disabled or who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during certain specified periods or in military campaigns are generally entitled to preference over non-Veterans in the employment process.

Preference does not have as its goal the placement of a veteran in every vacant job; this would be incompatible with the merit principle of public employment. Nor does it apply to promotions or other in-service actions. However, preference does provide a uniform method by which special consideration is given to qualified veterans seeking employment.

A WSU applicant receives Veterans Preference status once HR has confirmed that the candidate has met the requirements of the WSU program as submitted to HR via a DD-214 copy:

  • Honorable discharge or an explainable general discharge and
  • Has served on active duty for a minimum of three years in either the regular service or the National Guard or Reserves or
  • Has a service connected medical discharge with a minimum disability of 10% or
  • Has received a campaign medal

Applicants having met the requirements will be designated both in the PeopleAdmin applicant tracking system and the paper Applicant Document Review form as "Veterans Preference."

Search committees are encouraged to consider all veterans that meet minimum requirements for USS, Unclassified Professional staff and Faculty positions. It is the University's intent to include in the interview process as many as possible who have served our country.

Veterans with preference are not guaranteed jobs, but are guaranteed first level interviews if they meet all the minimum job requirements for the position applied.

Who to contact:

Talent Acquisition Team
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Revised: 07/19/2018 DC