Hiring Process for Lecturers

The Request to Fill form does not need to be completed and there is no formal search process for Lecturers.

The hiring department completes the following steps:

  1. Inquire if applicant is currently working for another State of Kansas agency. If so, contact HR before continuing the hiring process.
  2. Remote Hire - If the applicant will not physically work on campus and is unable to complete the I-9 Form and other new hire paperwork in person, the department representative needs to contact HR at least four weeks prior to the start date to allow for long distance processing.
  3. Check the Enrollment - Employment Verification report in Banner Reporting Services. This report is located in the HR-Timekeepers Reports or HR-EPAF Reports and indicates if individual has a current I-9, current background check and/or if she/he is working in another position.
  4. Background Checks must be completed for all new lecturers. Applicant completes and signs the first section of the Authorization and Release for Employment Inquires and/or Reference Check (background check form). The department representative completes the bottom section of the form and sends it to Jeanne Patton, Box 13, for processing. A new background check needs to be completed if there has been a break in service or a change in classification (i.e. graduate to lecturer).
  5. The applicant completes sign-up paperwork in the department. All the lecturer hiring forms have been incorporated into an easy to use Hiring Packet. Print all the documents and have the applicant complete all information by hand. The department representative will complete Section 2 and the Certification section of Form I-9 and photocopy front and back of the IDs. The department representative must also sign the Substance Abuse Policy form and the State of Kansas Tax Clearance form as the HR representative. For technical questions about the lecturer hiring packet, contact Dale Catlin at 978-6150.
  6. The applicant brings the hiring packet to HR for processing. At that time, she/he will be assigned a myWSU ID, referred to the Shocker Card Center for their ID card, and receive a parking hang tag, if needed.
  7. The department originates the Lecturer New Hire (LPNEWH) ePAF.

Policy 3.20 / Initiation of Employment - No individual shall begin her/his appointment and/or perform work for the University unless and until all University forms required for the appointment of a new employee, or the change of status of an existing employee, are properly completed and on file in the appropriate offices. This policy applies to all categories of University employment: university support staff, unclassified professional employees, faculty, and student employees.


Revised: 09/06/2018 DC