Hiring Proposal

  • The PeopleAdmin Hiring Proposal is initiated by Human Resources.
  • For non-teaching positions, the hiring proposal will be filled in and forwarded to either the Budget Officer for Non-Grant positions or ORTT Payroll for Grant funded positions. The Admin or Admin G will no longer need to fill in the hiring proposal.
  • However, if the hiring proposal is sent back for corrections, the Admin or Admin G will need to address the situation and update the hiring proposal accordingly.
  • The OHR 200 (non grant) or OHR 220 (grant) will need to be completed for existing employees transferring from one position to another position.
  • When HR marks the position FILLED, HR will also disqualify any remaining candidates and send them an email informing them that the position has been filled.
  • Policy 3.20—The Hiring Proposal must be fully approved before a new hire is allowed to begin working.
  • When all hiring activities are complete (background check, hiring proposal, etc.), search chair receives an email from HR indicating that the new hire is clear to begin work.


  • Once the hiring proposal is fully approved, new benefit eligible employees will need to complete their new employee documents via an automated online process. This process is initiated by Human Resources.
  • The new Onboarding process deployed on March 13, 2017, allows new employees to complete the majority of their "paperwork" online before New Employee Orientation and is accessible from most devices with internet access. One of the biggest advantages of this new process is it can enables the activation of email access much faster.
  • The new employee will receive an email containing information on how to sign into the system to complete the Onboarding Checklist. New employees are encouraged to complete their documents as soon as they receive this email.
  • New employees at the University must report to New Employee Orientation on their first day of work. They should bring a photo ID and signed social security card. New employees will also receive instructions on how to get their WSU ID and parking authorization, as well as benefits and other important WSU information.
  • The Hiring Manager should also plan to meet the new employee for lunch on the day the employee attends Orientation. Lunch vouchers are provided for both the employee and hiring manager. Lunch is scheduled from 11:45 am until 1 pm. Hiring Managers can click on the 2018 NEO Calendar or 2019 NEO Calendar to find the location of New Employee Orientation.
    The new employee will report to their assigned department on their second day of work.
  • The Hiring Manager should meet with their new employee on the second day of work to review the Position Description in detail to ensure understanding of all responsibilities and expectations as part of the departmental orientation.

HR has made available Supervisor Checklist forms which are used to aid hiring managers with departmental orientation.

All instructions are based on general procedures. College/Department or Divisional direction should be followed when instructions differ.



Revised: 12/12/2019 MI