The following information outlines hiring procedures for temporary employees.

Agency Temps

An agency may be used to secure a temporary employee when the hiring department does not have a person in mind to fill a temporary opening.

Checklist for Hiring an Agency Temp

1. The hiring manager should complete the appropriate agency request form, which provides information concerning the position to be filled. Once completed you will need to secure all required approvals.

a. Clerical Request form
b. Industrial Technology Request form
c. Trades Request form

2. The hiring manager should note the rate of pay for positions as outlined on the following pay charts. The rate of pay listed here is the billing rate for the agency, not what the employee will receive as an hourly wage. For current agency pay rates, email HR Talent.

3. The completed form should be emailed to HR Talent. In the email, please include the following information:

a. Actual work schedule (ex 8 am to 2 pm).
b. Whether you would like to interview candidates or have the agency select a candidate for you.
c. Any other special requirements for position not included on the request form.

4. Human Resources will coordinate with the temp agencies and secure candidates for interview or a candidate for placement, depending on the hiring manager’s preference.

5. If the hiring manager is interviewing, Human Resources will work with as a liaison to the agency in getting interviews scheduled.

6. Once a candidate is selected, Human Resources will work with the agency to ensure that a background check is complete and a start date is set.

7. Agency temps will not need to report to Human Resources on the first day of work. They will, however, need to complete the Employee Information sheet. This form should be completed on the first day of work and emailed to the HR Service Center.

8. If Banner access is required for the agency temp, please contact the HR Service Center.

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Unclassified Temporary Employees

Unclassified Temporary Employee positions do not receive benefits and are usually employed for a specific project up to one year. There are two types of temporary employee positions. U3 positions are nonexempt (hourly) and U4 positions are exempt (salary). A background check is required for all employees who have an appointment for six months or more.

U3 positions are paid based on the number of hours reported on the biweekly exception reports. U4 positions are paid a biweekly salary until termination.

Unclassified temporary employees are considered "at will employees" and they have no entitlement or expectation to continue employment during or beyond the appointment period.

Unclassified temp searches will not use PeopleAdmin as the positions are not benefits eligible. A position description should be created and emailed to HR Total Rewards, for exempt temporary positions (U4). The position description will be reviewed to ensure it meets the qualifications for exempt status. A position description is not necessary for non-exempt temporary positions (U3).

A temporary appointment may not be used as a trial period for assessing an individual's ability and performance prior to regular appointment. Recruitment for a regular position shall not be expanded upon or tailored to insure the selection of a temporary employee.



Revised: 03/23/2020 MI