Search Chairs or Search Committee Members can be substituted, added or removed from the committee only by HR after the position is posted. An HR Recruiter Contact and extension is provided in each RTF. The Search Committee is comprised of at least one (1) Search Chair and one (1) or more Search Committee Members. The Search Chair will work closely with the Hiring Manager to conduct the search for an optimum outcome. Sometimes the Search Chair is the same person as the Hiring Manager. The Search Chair and Search Committee are designated when the request to fill (RTF) is composed by the Admin or Admin G. It is always a best practice to ask the Search Chair and Search Committee Members in advance if they are willing and able to serve before adding them to the RTF.

The Search Committee Member is responsible for:

  • Following the guidelines set by the Search Chair and Hiring Manager
  • Arranging your schedule to accommodate interviews
  • Providing constructive feedback to help determine the optimum hire
  • Keeping detailed records of candidate interactions
  • Remaining flexible to the needs of the committee


Revised: 02/13/2020 MI