Serving on a search committee should be an honor, never a surprise.

It is always a best practice to ask permission of anyone you want to include on a search committee before actually adding them. PeopleAdmin notifies the search chair(s), search committee member(s) and guest user(s) of their search responsibilities via email as soon as the job is posted.

Sometimes the hiring manager may want to include experts outside the Wichita State University community on a search committee. PeopleAdmin, our electronic applicant tracking system has a means to allow those individuals to be included. When the position description is composed in PeopleAdmin, those outside WSU can be added to the search committee by including their email address in the Guest User box within PeopleAdmin.

When the position is posted, the Guest User will receive an email with instructions, including a link to log into PeopleAdmin and credentials to access the system. Guest Users have the same privileges as Search Committee members.

Because of system security, Guest Users cannot act as a Search Chair.

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Reviewed: 03/30/2015 DC

Revised: 03/27/2018 DC