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Leadership Academy Courses

The Leadership Academy, part of the original Cohen gift strives to be a curricular program that engages students in contemporary research and scholarship based on an annual theme, question, or issue. For the 2023 theme, “Connected Leadership: Creating a Community of Leaders” students will participate as a cohort in a 8 week course, a Place as Text travel experience (1 credit hour travel seminar), and engage in a design thinking focused solutions retreat culminating in pitches to the faculty thought leaders.

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Honors students have big dreams and ask big questions that don’t fit neatly into disciplinary models and majors. The academy is envisioned to be a transformative leadership experience that brings together collaborative dual intellectual communities.

Leadership Academy Model

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First, a team of faculty thought leaders will collectively imagine an interdisciplinary course focused on the annual theme and leadership- exploring tension, messy problems, and big ideas. Second, the students will create another layer in the intellectual community and are invited to engage with the faculty thought leaders in a process that is aimed at deepening understanding, integrating collective and individual experiences through courses and travel with the goal of sparking ideas, solutions, policy, and project pitches. 

Travel Experience

The 2023 Lead for Tomorrow Cohen Honors Leadership Academy destination is to-be-determined. A more detailed travel itinerary will be provided to Academy students during the Spring 2023 semester. Our Place as Text experience will be a time to build understanding, develop leadership skills, and connection with fellow students and faculty.

Travel Dates: Tuesday, May 16 - Sunday, May 21, 2023

**Please note dates and locations subject to change due to logistical needs or changes.

Questions/ More Information


Contact Chelsea Redger-Marquardt Chelsea.Redger@wichita.edu 

Course Meeting Times

Spring 2023: 2nd 8 Week Session - Monday and Wednesday 9:30am-10:45am

Summer 2023: Tuesday, May 16 - Sunday, May 21 **independent coursework required upon return, completed by May 31, 2023.


Students will be responsible for the cost of tuition for the 2 courses (spring and summer, totaling 4 credit hours). Cost associated with travel and the Lead for Tomorrow Lab experience are covered by a gift from Dorothy and Bill Cohen. Students are responsible for any discretionary spending (i.e. souvenirs, snacks, admissions during free time) during our Place As Text trip.