Honors College Faculty Council

Faculty and student participation in the University and College governance is vital to the proper functioning of the University. Faculty interest in direction and development of the Honors College not only reflects their formal right to contribute to University decision making but indicates their responsibility to do so as professional scholars and researchers. The Honors College offers opportunity for faculty and student participation in college governance. At the college level the major contexts for faculty participation in the determination of college-wide policy are meetings of the college faculty and students (the General Assembly), the University Honors College Council comprised of the Honors College Student Council and the Honors College Faculty Council as well as such committees as it may form, the Appeals Committee, the Faculty Fellows committee, the Scholarship committee, and ad hoc committees as may be created (WSU Honors College Governance Bylaws).

The Honors College Faculty Council consists of 9 Faculty, one from each of the Senate divisions; the College Dean, ex-officio non-voting, and the College Advisor, ex-officio non-voting.  Members are selected by recommendation of the Council Chair to the Dean by May 1st each year. A faculty chair is elected by a vote of the majority at the first meeting of the fall semester. Each faculty member shall serve a 3-year term.

The Honors College Faculty Council currently meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month when classes are in session from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The agenda and the minutes of each meeting are generally posted the day before the meeting.

2018-2019 Honors College Faculty Council

Douglas Parham – Health Professions
Holger Meyer – LAS Math/Natural Science
Elaine Bernstorf – Fine Arts
Nathan Filbert – (chair 2019-2020) - University Libraries
Samantha Gregus – LAS Social Sciences
Patrick Bondy – LAS Humanities
Jeremy Patterson – Applied Studies, Institute for Interdisciplinary Innovation
Roy Myose – Engineering
Atul Rai – Business
Jessica Raburn – Honors Advisor, ex-officio
Kimberly Engber – Honors Dean, ex-officio